Field notes
The following images are from a painting trip August/September 2009.
It includes studies from Broken Hill (NSW), the Mundi Mundi Plain (NSW) and  South Australia's Flinders Ranges: covering the areas around Hawker and Wilpena Pound and up north to the Gammon Ranges and Arkaroola.

Balcanoona,  Gammon Ranges, South Australia

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2 River Gums at Broken Hill:

abandoned railway station at Silverton

20km west of Broken Hill NSW.
Worked out here early 2004 for a show I had in Bathurst...was great to be back. I love this part of outback NSW...and Broken Hill! The city has a certain something...amazing architecture.

A studio oil of Silverton

In a dry creek bed: a place of inspiration for a series I'm working on " a Broken Country"
inspired by a symposium I attended at Macquarie Uni in July 2009.
Members incl. my friend poet Mark Tredinnick, Anthropologist Deborah Bird Rose, La Trobe Uni philosopher Freya Matthews and lead by Prof Jim Hatley from Uni of Salisbury USA.

study for a Broken Country, a creek bed 30km west of Broken Hill.

twisted, tortured and mutilated river gums
 mark a broken country

Broken Country: Study

Broken Country: Study
Out Broken Hill Way

South Australia's Flinders Ranges

South Australia
This is me walking along Kanyaka Creek in the Flinders. Between Hawker and Quorn.

remnants of Kanyaka Homestead.
Flinders Ranges: South Australia

This place had a powerful hold over me, it still does, went back several times to walk and work amongst her ruins. The cemetary nearby was deeply moving...with babies, children and folk barely 40 buried near to the now dry Kanyaka Creek.
I spent alot of time imagining people living & loving, dancing & dieing at Kanyaka: the place of the stone

at Kanyaka

work in progress:
a triptych of Kanyaka Homestead.
Once a thriving community, but due to severe drought the families abandoned  these beautiful dry stone wall abodes.
Mother Nature and her ultimate control over climactic conditions has her way in the end...and we still think we're in charge!
at the work on the piece above

The folk of Kanyaka left in the 1890s due to drought. The irony is there's a grave there of a guy that drowned when the creek flooded at one stage.

Kanyaka Homestead: A large oil studio piece (50 x 150cm), still in progress. I've found it hard to work on this painting. The Station with it history of loss and grief, and the environmental concerns of it's now departed familes I feel is something we can all connect with.
Having lost my Mother under grim circumstances that year was a constant companion on this trip.
Sure! it makes for good art...but...
along the creek at Kanyaka

Kanyaka Homestead

heading north towards Wilpena Pound: These are the Elder Ranges.
This piece will be in my show In Tamworth

Wilpena Pound National Park
At  Sacred Canyon: an Adnyamathanha artsite, with rock peckings. Mainly concentric circles.
It's a small humble gorge but for me a very special place...spirit laden.

Sacred Canyon
Rawnsley Station: Flinders Ranges
I had a most enjoyable stay here at Rawnsley. Wilpena Pound is just up the road.
The restaraunt does a good roo!
Met a lovely couple  from Adelaide, Vyv & Rhys Horwood...we had dinner 2 nights in a row. Thanks for the stimulating conversation!

Once again the country around Rawnsley.
That's the back of Wilpena Pound.

This is at Arkaroola. I make myself at home and spread my gear around.

Balcanoona: in The Gammon Ranges
just South of Arkaroola

The Northern Flinders: Arkaroola

Balcanoona: In the Gammon Ranges, Northern Flinders

Sketching at Balcanoona

Gum Trees at Balcanoona

Sketching at Arkaroola with onlooker
Willi Forward.
Photo by her husband Bill.

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Arkarooola landscape

Arkaroola was my final destination. After 5 days there I headed back with a quick stopover in Hawker then onwards through Broken Hill and home.
All in all about a month on the road.

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